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Claim: Turn your company into a Digital Platform

Focus: Mia-Platform brings to the market the first solution for the end-to-end creation of cloud-native digital platforms.

Mia-Platform is a Developer Hub that manages the end-to-end life cycle of cloud native applications and simplifies the life of Dev and Ops. We also provide a marketplace full of plug-n-play components to accelerate the construction of your own digital platform.

Website: mia-platform.eu

Docs: docs.mia-platform.eu

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What is Mia-Platform? Mia-Platform is an ISV with a suite of products for the development of enterprise Digital Platforms, based on Kubernetes and all the best cloud-native technologies.

What Is the Mission and Vision of Mia-Platform? Mia-Platform’s talent is to write excellent software to create a product that improves dev teams’ work worldwide.

Mia-Platform works every day with infinite passion for all that is new and innovative, respecting clients and ethic of the market. Mia-Platform pays attention, shows kindness and support to those who work with us.

Mia-Platform is a company that builds the future, and it’s here to stay.

A Brief History of Mia-Platform Mia-Platform starts small and goes bigger. In 2022, the company counts more than 130 people and it is expanding all across Europe with a strong network of partners.

In 2021, Gartner has recognized Mia-Platform as a Cool Vendor for Software Engineering Technologies, the only European company to be mentioned by the research leader.

Core Features of Mia-Platform Among its products, Mia-Platform Console is the core solution: it is a platform builder that industrializes development processes, accelerates the creation of microservices architectures, and improves the developer experience (DevX).

The Mia-Platform Marketplace provides the Console with multiple ready-to-use components and add-ons that strongly accelerate and facilitate development.

Moreover, Mia-Platform Fast Data is a set of ready-to-use microservices for the creation of an out-of-the-box Digital Integration Hub, a new foundational architecture recognized by Gartner that enables seamless and real-time data availability 24/7, decoupling of legacy systems, incremental cloud migration, and high scaling performances.

Mia-Platform solutions are adaptable in any industry, with strong references specifically in the financial sector, insurance, healthcare, utilities, and mobility & transportation.