Charmed Kubernetes

Charmed Kubernetes #

Charmed K8s is a CNCF-certified, turnkey Kubernetes distribution. It claims to provide architectural freedom and fully automated operations.

Charmed K8s is installed and managed by Juju, an open source orchestration engine for software operators developed by Canonical that enables deployment, integration and lifecycle management of applications at scale. The components managed by Juju are called Charms. They are independent, composable deployments of applications that can be related to each other, conveniently.

Charmed K8s is deployed with a high availability setup by default, it runs automatic updates and security fixes for all core Kubernetes components, has full OCI compatability with Docker and containderd runtimes, performs PCI device passthrough for GPU, FPGA and SR-IOV workloads, can manage VMs on Kubernetes with Kata containers, and is backed by an extensible, third-party ecosystem for storage and networking.

Charmed K8s runs on bare metal, private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds. That said, the same Kubernetes distribution runs on various platforms and flavors of infrastructure (Juju calls them “substrates”). This allows application infrastructure owners to move between offerings and optimize cost, performance, stability and availability concerns.

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