Dynatrace #

Dynatrace is a platform for unified observability and security. It delivers end-to-end observability with AIOps and application security in one unified platform including: Infrastructure Observability, Application Observability, Security Protection, Security Analytics, Digital Experience, Business Analytics, Workflow Automations, and custom solutions that can be built as Apps for this platform with an open ecosystem. Davis® combines predictive, causal, and generative AI to deliver precise answers, intelligent automation, and recommendations, and predict issues before they impact customers. Dynatrace automatically identifies and maps interactions and relationships between apps and the underlying infrastructure with Smartscape, and uses that map to enrich and contextualize your data. Datatypes covered by Dynatrace: Traces, Topology, Metadata, Events, Metrics, Behavior, Network, Threats, Logs, Code, Problems, Vulnerabilities.

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