InfraCloud Technologies

InfraCloud Technologies #

InfraCloud Technologies is a cloud native consulting company which has been building products, services, and solutions to modernize applications and infrastructure for resilience and scalability. InfraCloud was one of the first Kubernetes partners and have been contributing to the open source community around cloud-native technologies.

InfraCloud is your end-to-end partner for every step of platform engineering - from choosing the right platform to building MVP, integrations, and support. InfraCloud’s deep and full-stack platform capabilities, along with robust cloud-native ecosystem exposure help create platforms that are optimized for both experience and performance.

With InfraCloud, harness the potential of scalable, user-centric platforms to improve the productivity of engineers by reducing their cognitive load to fuel organizational expansion, foster innovation, and drive sustainable growth.

As a part of CNCF’s TAG App Delivery contributors, InfraCloud IDP experts shaped the ‘ Platform Engineering Maturity Model’, helping organizations understand why & what to build.

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Building an OSS Platform? Use this eBook #

InfraCloud wants to empower teams to understand what goes into building a platform & how to get started. Refer to Platform Engineering OSS Reference Architecture eBook. The 22 page eBook includes framework, maturity questionnaires & required capabilities to build a successful platform.