VirtusLab #

VirtusLab provides custom software engineering and consulting services, and specialises in internal developer platforms. We guide our clients through a comprehensive journey that includes discovery and assessment, platform strategy, development, operations and developer community management.

Our expertise helps you navigate the complexities of platform engineering. A multi-disciplinary team works closely with you to help you realise the full benefits of your internal developer platform, including:

  • Centralise infrastructure and drive adoption of standard architectures
  • Facilitate full compliance in a dynamic security and regulatory environment
  • Reduce lead time to production by optimising developer friction points
  • Control costs, encourage code reuse and replace multiple ‘do-it-yourself’ solutions.

What are the advantages of working with VirtusLab’s platform engineers?

  • Realistic expectations: We focus on building a strong foundation and delivering high quality work, rather than making unrealistic promises of rapid time-to-market. While it is possible to achieve basic “hello world” functionality quickly, navigating the complexities of the enterprise environment requires a carefully planned effort.
  • Ensure flexibility and avoid lock-ins: We prioritise time-bound partnerships and avoid locking customers into long-term commitments. Our approach focuses on guiding organisations towards a tech-first mindset. We also actively share knowledge, upskill teams and provide training to ensure long-term sustainability, even after our involvement has ended.
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