Massdriver #

Claim: Streamlines the Design and Development of Internal Developer Platform (IDP) with Integrated Infrastructure Visibility.

Focus: Massdriver is engineered to streamline the development and deployment process, allowing organizations to rapidly deliver world-class products with a high-level developer experience. It’s designed to save substantial time and resources by automating cloud operations, integrating seamlessly with CI/CD systems, and providing a self-service platform for developers, mirroring a Platform as a Service (PaaS) experience with enhanced flexibility and control.



Details #

DevOps Knowledge Required? No
Self-hosted Yes for enterprise customers
Orchestrator Kubernetes, AWS ECS, Nomad, VMs, Serverless
Integration Concept Extendable with OpenTofu, Terraform, Helm
Setup time first app 1-4 hours
Source Closed core with open-source infrastructure marketplace
Use Case Startups to Fortune 500
Total Cost of Ownership Free, Subscription, & Enterprise Plans
Adoption 100+ Companies from Seed to IPO; Official Infrastructure Partner of Microsoft Founder’s Hub
-> Massdriver

What is Massdriver? #

Massdriver is a visual development environment that enables teams to quickly design internal developer platform (IDP) that facilitates the deployment of production-ready cloud infrastructure and applications in minutes. It acts as a bridge between developers and operations teams, providing a collaborative platform to design, scale, automate, and observe robust cloud architectures effortlessly.

What is the mission and vision of Massdriver? #

Massdriver aims to fulfill the promise of the cloud by providing scalability, agility, and ease of use akin to a Platform as a Service (PaaS), without compromising on flexibility and control. It envisions to become a go-to platform for teams looking to accelerate cloud-native application development and deployment while ensuring security and compliance.

A brief history of Massdriver #

Founded in 2021 by Cory O’Daniel, David Williams, and Chris Hill, Massdriver started with a mission to simplify cloud infrastructure management and DevOps processes, allowing teams to focus on building great products. Massdriver is backed by Y Combinator and raised an $8 million dollar seed round from Builders VC in June of 2023.

Core features of Massdriver #

  • Infrastructure as Diagrams: Diagrams as the source of truth. Onboard team members faster with accurate representations of your cloud environment.
  • Preview Environments: Infrastructure, database, and apps per pull-request.
  • Dynamic Configuration: Infrastructure configuration and secrets automatically configured during deployments based on diagram connections.
  • Secrets Management: Store 3rd party secrets without the need to manage tools like HashiCorp Vault.
  • Automated IAM: Principle of least privilege by default.
  • Unified Infrastructure and Application Management: Consolidated configuration management for infrastructure and applications.
  • Extendable Orchestration Support: VMs, serverless, and containers supported out-of-the-box, with support for any workload your IaC tools support.
  • Infrastructure Provisioning and State Storage: Manages IaC workflows and IaC state.
  • API First: Integrate our GraphQL API into your backends, GitOps process, or UIs, for enhanced workflow automation and interoperability.
  • Parity and Environment Replication: Easily replicate infrastructure and applications between application environments, regions, or tenants.
  • Extendable with IaC: Extend the platform with OpenTofu, Terraform, and Helm.
  • Automated Metrics: Infrastructure diagrams as dashboards.
  • CI/CD Integration: Seamlessly integrate infrastructure and application management into your CI/CD system.
  • Multi-Cloud Support: Supports any cloud your IaC tools support.
  • Production Ready Marketplace: Secure, compliant reference architectures to get teams started quickly.