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Thousands of organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, use Ambassador to code and ship microservices on Kubernetes faster. Our software enables application developers on Kubernetes to code locally, secure microservices at the edge, and independently release services to end users, without requiring an overworked DevOps engineer for support. Ambassador is in fact the perfect starting point if you want to build an Internal Developer Platform yourself. It pairs well with other tools in the ecosystem enabling platform teams to craft and maintain the perfect developer experience.

Telepresence provides developers with a solution for coding a single microservice locally while running the rest of their application in the cloud, without sacrificing their favorite IDE and local tools to accelerate the inner dev loop.

The Ambassador Edge Stack is a self-service, Kubernetes-native API gateway that allows developers to secure their microservices at the edge, leverage the power of Envoy Proxy to load balance, authenticate, rate limit, and route traffic into their Kubernetes cluster, while use declarative CRDs to seamlessly integrate into their GitOps workflow.

The Developer Portal gives developers the ability to automatically publish and release Swagger / OpenAPI documentation, add custom content, and customize look-and-feel.

At Ambassador, we agonize over how to optimize the cloud-native developer experience, so developers can focus on writing and shipping code. Our software doesn’t run anywhere outside of Kubernetes. This lets us take full advantage of Kubernetes, and build software that is fully idiomatic with the Kubernetes ecosystem. Our software is also deployed in environments that peak at over 100K requests per second, and backed by our 24x7 support and engineering teams. We conduct regular game days and postmortems for every outage so that we’re constantly improving.

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