AutoCloud #

Claim: Automatically generate secure Terraform code for anything

Focus: AutoCloud is a self-service developer portal that allows platform teams to create an “Infrastructure as Code Catalog” of opinionated, reusable Terraform “Blueprints”. Blueprints themselves are simple, composable no-code UIs that automatically generate production-ready Terraform code once filled out.



Details #

Does it require developers to have DevOps knowledge? Yes
Self-hosted: Yes
Orchestrator N/A
Integration Concept N/A
Setup time first app N/A
Source Closed
Use Case Enterprise Setups
Total Cost of Ownership N/A
Adoption N/A
-> AutoCloud

What is AutoCloud? #

AutoCloud eliminates expertise bottlenecks that prevent organizations from using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) at scale by automatically generating secure, deployment-ready Terraform code. Today, there is just so much choice and configurability on the cloud that it’s important to simplify how the cloud is used in order to prevent configuration mistakes, cost overruns, and bloated complexity.

AutoCloud has a simple five-step process that helps organizations scale DevOps and have better intentionality when it comes to using the cloud:

  1. Connect your cloud accounts
  2. AutoCloud identifies Terraform gaps and automatically creates the missing Terraform Code, State, or Modules to close them.
  3. Turn your Terraform Modules into a catalog of easy-to-use, self-service Terraform “Blueprints”.
  4. Configure Blueprints with guardrails for security, compliance, and best practices then publish them for your team.
  5. Generate production-ready Terraform code and push it into your existing deployment process.

AutoCloud decreases the time needed to create production-ready IaC down from weeks down to minutes and makes platform engineering self-service so DevOps/Platform teams can focus on other high-priority work.

What is the mission and vision of AutoCloud? #

AutoCloud’s mission is to democratize the usage of IaC by allowing it to be written once and then used consistently across teams and lines of business. Successfully adopting and scaling cloud is all about having intentionality in the choices you make and the tools you use. AutoCloud allows you to take all of the institutional knowledge you’ve accumulated over the last decade and put it into a centralized place for people to discover and actually use.

With AutoCloud, you have a single place from which to manage access to all of your multi-cloud IaC. Creating IaC is as easy as filling out a form, which when submitted applies all the best practices your organization has about cloud, security, and IaC and automatically generates secure production-ready Terraform code.

A brief history of AutoCloud #

AutoCloud was founded in 2019 by a group of platform engineers based out of San Francisco and Chicago. Their team has helped some of the world’s largest, most highly regulated industries successfully adopt and scale cloud and IaC. The team has raised $6M from venture capitalists and the company is now headquartered in Seattle, WA.

Core features of AutoCloud #

  • Audit: Connect your cloud accounts and understand if you have any IaC blind spots where existing cloud resources are not codified as IaC. AutoCloud allows you to easily capture these and turn them in the correct IaC code, modules, or state with the click of a button in order to get to full Terraform coverage.

  • Create: Create an entire marketplace of self-service Terraform Blueprints that allow anyone to create secure, compliant cloud resources regardless of expertise. AutoCloud’s Terraform provider allows platform teams to declare guardrails specifying how Terraform modules should be used in order to allow for consistent, maintainable self-service cloud usage.

  • Monitor: On an ongoing basis, understand IaC codification percentages as well as security, compliance, and cost insights for all of your different cloud workloads. AutoCloud provides a single-pane view into CloudOps so users can take the necessary actions to optimize their cloud usage.