Aiven Database-as-a-Service #

Aiven provides managed, cloud-based instances of your favorite open source tools such as PostgreSQL, Kafka and M3DB. We focus on making hassle-free, reliable and scalable cloud services, so that you can focus on the things you know best.

Aiven database-as-a-service enables you to accelerate application innovation through a modern, fully-managed open source data infrastructure immediately deployable in public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. The multi-cloud and open source approach means that you are never locked in to an Aiven solution.

Web UI for choosing your cloud and region

Deploy to your preferred cloud and region with Aiven

Open Source Cloud Data Hub #

Aiven has a tool for your every need, here is an overview of the highlights:

  • Traditional keystone databases/datastores: PostgreSQL (and extensions), MySQL, Redis
  • Data streaming pipelines: Apache Kafka, Apache Kafka Connect, Apache Kafka MirrorMaker
  • Fun with distributed systems: Apache Cassandra
  • Time series data: InfluxDB, M3DB (and TimescaleDB as a PostgreSQL extension)
  • Every-stack essentials: ElasticSearch and Grafana

Choosing Aiven #

Aiven comes highly recommended because the product provides a single, well documented, and easy to manage API that spans several different types of databases at once. The API also powers a CLI tool, the friendly web console interface, and a Terraform provider, making your services much easier to manage and maintain.

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