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Internal Developer Platform #

Everything the WWW has around Internal Developer Platforms in one curated space. It helps you understand the why, how, what and who.

A modern way to run engineering teams #

While self-built IDPs have been around in elite teams for around 5 years, they’re now going mainstream in 2021, embraced by huge enterprises like Spotify, Airbnb, and Zalando.

-> What is an Internal Developer Platform (IDP)

How we curate this site #

The initial contributors to this site built Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) in many different contexts. Think product managers for internal developer tooling at industry leaders like Google, tech management at McKinsey, and solution architects building internal platforms for their clients. Some of them are working now for Humanitec, the market leader in IDPs.

On this site, we want to gather, share and synthesize all our knowledge and experience around building IDPs. We want to provide a space where we can share systemic problems around internal developer tooling and software delivery. We want to contribute to a better understanding of common and complex problems and share paths to conceptual solutions.

In addition, we want to provide you with all the relevant news, events, and information about IDP-related tooling.

Who should read the Internal Developer Platform site? #

This site is for everyone and anyone who is interested in how to provide a better developer experience to dev teams and make software delivery more efficient.

How to contribute to Internal Developer Platform? #

This is a living and breathing document. We are embracing input from the community. The easiest way to contribute is by submitting a pull request to our public GitHub repository. You can also reach out to us via an email to [email protected].