Gimlet #

Claim: Kubernetes made simpler for cluster admins, developers and managers

Focus: Gimlet is a set of tools that will get you an application operations platform on top of Kubernetes.

It is built on the de-facto tools of the ecosystem - Helm and Flux - and provides you with a golden-path, a set of best-practices, so you can focus on your task at hand. Without having to navigate the vast options the cloud native ecosystem offers you.



Details #

  • Does it require developers to have DevOps knowledge? limited
  • Self-hosted: yes
  • Orchestrator: Kubernetes
  • Integration-Concept: Yml
  • Setup time per app: 1 hour
  • Source: open
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Open-source.
  • Adoption: Early days, adopt for limited, non-production purposes.
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