Humanitec #

Claim: The fastest way to build your Internal Developer Platform (IDP)

Focus: Helps teams to build their own Internal Developer Platforms and is focussed on the developer experience. A team of ex-Google platform engineers building from scratch for the general market.



Core Component Support #

  • Application Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Environment Management
  • Deployment Management
  • Role Based Access Control

Interfaces #

  • API
  • UI (User Interface)
  • CLI (Command Line Interface)

Details #

  • Does it require developers to have DevOps knowledge?: no
  • Self-hosted: no
  • Orchestrator: Kubernetes
  • Integration concept: API based, External Drivers
  • Setup time first app: 4 hours
  • Source: closed
  • Total Cost of Ownership: The vendor doesn’t publish prices on the website but people report a cost of around 20-30% of a self-built setup.
  • Adoption: Market-leader for IDPs, production-grade, widely adopted.
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