Backstage #

Claim: A platform for building developer portals

Focus: Backstage helps very large teams that start dozens of new microservices and applications per week to bring structure, standards, and documentation to their workflow. It was originally developed for Spotify and is still very much tailored to their case.



Core Component Support #

  • Application Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Environment Management (except dynamic environment provisioning)
  • Deployment Management
  • Role Based Access Control

Interfaces #

  • API
  • UI (User Interface)
  • CLI (Command Line Interface)

Details #

  • Does it require developers to have DevOps knowledge?: no
  • Self-hosted: yes
  • Orchestrator: Kubernetes
  • Integration Concept: API based
  • Setup time first app: 24 hours
  • Source: open
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Maintaining comes down to a cost of approximately 150.000 USD for every 20 developers.
  • Adoption: Early but stable
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