configure8 #

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Claim: An enterprise-grade developer portal solution.

Focus: Enabling platform engineering teams to easily implement a developer portal that enables developers move faster and build better software with self-serve access to the knowledge and functionality they need.



Details #

Does it require developers to have DevOps knowledge? No
Self-hosted: SaaS or hosted in your AWS account
Orchestrator N/A
Integration Concept Native with tools and clouds, including agentless Kubernetes. Build custom integrations via API.
Setup time first app As fast as 30 minutes, varies based on your tool chain and system.
Source Closed
Use Case Scale-up to Large Enterprise
Total Cost of Ownership Plans & Pricing
Adoption Early but stable

What is configure8? #

configure8 is an enterprise-grade Internal Developer Portal used for:

  • Cataloging everything
  • Achieving high standards
  • Accelerating velocity via self-serve actions

Help your developers move faster and build better software with self-serve access to the knowledge and functionality they need.

configure8 core features include:

Universal Catalog: A complete and accurate software catalog is the foundation of your portal. It should organize your entire ecosystem – all your applications, services and their dependencies, environments, clusters, resources, pipelines, metrics, owners, and more – and automatically reflect changes. Use it to improve your developers experience, and lay the foundation to achieve high standards and self-serve actions.

Scorecards: Establish meaningful standards for your organization leveraging configure8’s ability to observe over 40 metrics (and growing rapidly), provide developers with an at-a-glance understanding of what needs to be done to improve, and measure progress as well as keep everyone informed, all programmatically without writing scripts, maintaining spreadsheets, and chasing people down.

Self-Serve Actions and Scaffolder: Easily build reusable golden paths that enable developers to create new services as well as manage existing ones via a no-code UI. Liberate developers from bottlenecks and manual ops, and reduce your maintenance overhead and TicketOps burden, all without sacrificing standards.

Limited Set-Up and Maintenance Effort: Single-click integrations, no YAML, manual plugin configuration, or agent required. Can self-populate services and dependencies via supported tools. Automatically maps resources to environments and services. Avoids drift and maintains accuracy via supported tools. Flexible data and access control models to support the unique needs of your organization.

What is the mission and vision of configure8? #

We’re on a mission to help developers move faster and build better software via self-serve access to the knowledge and functionality they need.

A brief history of configure8 #

configure8 was founded in 2021 and launched our product in 2022. configure8 supports a rapidly growing roster of enterprises as well as scale-ups.

configure8 is built by engineers with backgrounds at Microsoft, Google, AWS, NASA and AOL / Yahoo! who have experienced the joys and pains of sprawling distributed systems. We’ve experienced the frustration of bottlenecks due to TicketOps, the limitations of spreadsheets, scripts and static wikis as tools to define and measure compliance with standards, and the stress of getting paged at 2AM for a service we’re not that familiar with. We built configure8 to democratize access to the caliber of tooling developers and engineering leaders deserve that was previously reserved for only the very largest global enterprises.